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Our Community is unique in the metro Atlanta area. Working as a team or independently, the artists and technicians of 800east are focused and inspired. Learn more about each resident and all that they can bring to your projects by visiting their website.

Studio Manager, Composer, Arranger, Music Production, Recording Engineer

Ken Gregory is an Atlanta-based trumpet and guitar player, studio owner and composer, playing professionally since 1968. I lead a 7 piece band called Solid State, that plays all original compositions written by members of the group...

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Composer, Arranger, Session Saxophonist, Music Producer

Chris is an award-winning cinematic and theatrical composer writing orchestral and contemporary music for film, stage, television and video games using a huge pallette of sounds created from the best studio musicians and orchestras....

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Audio Engineer specializing in Music Mastering & Music Restoration

Mastering Engineer Larry Anthony had his first recording studio experience in 1968 when the band he was in made their first demo recording. This was a real turning point and he quickly became involved in the recording process and...

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Composer, Arranger, Guitarist, Bassist, Keyboards, Music Production

Herb Avery is a composer, arranger, pianist, and guitar and bass player in Atlanta. I write and produce a lot for various Turner networks (CNN, CNNI, HLN, Turner Sports, TNT etc.) as well as a number....

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Songwriter, Music Production, Recording Engineer, Multi-Instrumentalist

Atlanta native Clay Cook has made his living through many avenues in the music industry over the past decade. An accomplished mulit-instrumentalist, he has recorded and toured with John Mayer...

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Songwriter, Music Production, Recording Engineer, Multi-Instrumentalist

Ben Holst got his start tweaking the espresso console at Southern Tracks Recording here in Atlanta. While life as a coffee engineer made for good conversation, his work and time has paid off with recent credits including R.E.M...

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Rock, Country, Americana with specialties in vocals and songwriting

Brighter Shade the band was the catalyst for my recording career as a producer and engineer. I just started recording my own songs, made an offer to record someone else's for cheap, and 10 years later...

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CEO & Chief Creative Officer of QUO VADIS

strategy • design • interactive • film • identity • print

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Tracking and Mixing Audio Engineer, Piano, Organ, Music Production

Martin Kearns has performed live and/or recorded with such diverse artists as The Impressions, Emily Sailers, James Brown, Shawn Mullins, Michelle Malone, Nappy Brown, Caroline, Aiken, REM, and many other national...

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Producer, Engineer, Session Musician

Originally from Gary Indiana, I've been playing instruments since the age of 3. I started playing the bass at the age of 16. I moved to Atlanta Ga. after serving in the US Army to pursue a career in music. After I finished school...

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