Larry Anthony

Audio Engineer specializing in Music Mastering & Music Restoration

Larry's company COS Mastering specializes in Music Mastering and Restoration from most any present orCOS Mastering Studio past media types. COS is your Professional Music Mastering and Restoration facility for Atlanta's growing industry. We provide the highest quality processing in a large, dedicated, custom designed Mastering suite. This room has been designed and constructed to be 100% acoustically accurate as a critical listening environment. We provide technical expertise and guaranteed satisfaction before your Music CD Pre Master is released for replication.

Mastering Engineer Larry Anthony had his first recording studio experience in 1968 when the band he was in made their first demo recording. This was a real turning point and he quickly became involved in the recording process and has pursued this career ever since. Obtaining degrees in Electronics and Acoustics along with intense studies in Psycho-acoustics he has dedicated his 40+ years of Music Industry experience to focus exclusively on the best possible mastering processes. Larry continuously researches the latest and greatest advances in audio processing and brings all this knowledge and experience into the mastering sessions.

Your Recordings Deserve Professional Music Mastering!

When you're through mixing and you want your music CD/Album to compete in the commercial market place then "COS Mastering" is your final creative step. Our technique and skill in the art of Music Mastering adds the musical, artistic and the technical polish to your album so that it becomes a complete and competitive "work of art." Your individual music creations will seamlessly take on a realistic dimension and life likeness that enhances and brings out musical detail you've worked so hard for. Through our unique method of image focusing our clients experience the mix they achieved in the mix studio every place and in all systems where their music is played even over FM radio.

Professional Mastering pulls the individual songs together so that your CD takes on the character of a great album. For your listeners, it should play back as one complete musical presentation, instead of a number of single songs presenting it's self as a personal concert each and every time it is played.